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We care about your privacy and take it seriously. With our world-famous Bitcoin mixer, you always get the most secure and confidential crypto tumbling. Not only this, our research and development keep upgrading the system for improved anonymity

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What are the reasons for choosing ChipMixer?

chip mixer
A complete control over chip mixing.
You can mix chips more randomly than any predefined mixing procedure.
Always Identical Output — Fungibility
Each merged or split chip is identically same.
Quick Access to Output Chips
You can instantly withdraw chips with private keys after mixing.
Always Fair Mixing Deals
You can instantly use chips straight after mixing.
Faster Outputs Processing
From blockchain security perspective, the transaction is always secure.
Completely Privacy for Coin Mixing
You can securely merge small chips to bigger ones.
No fee,
donations only
You pay what you want
No Registration or Signup Required
There’s no trace of your bitcodes and transactions.
Authentic & Signed Fund Receipts
You always get a signed source of funds receipt from us.
Flexible Time Limit for Deposits
You can easily request for additional time to deposit.
Lightweight Pages
Effortlessly accessible from every device — No JavaScript Required.

Introduction about Chip Mixer:

Introducing ChipMixer, a revolutionary, cutting-edge Bitcoin mixer that reimagines mixing. Using ChipMixer, you have complete control over mixing, no fees, various offchain inputs, and even the ability to stake your cash while mixing!.

To handle withdrawals, ChipMixer employs pre-funded Bitcoin "chips," which are pre-funded before your deposit ever arrives. You may withdraw a private key and choose the time delay until you get the cash.

Why you should never choose other bitcoin mixers?

One of the most common misunderstandings about Bitcoin is that it is completely anonymous. Although Bitcoin transactions are more difficult to monitor than other types of transactions, they are not totally anonymous. Thus, Bitcoin users are always searching for new and better methods to disguise their transactions.

When you utilize a standard Bitcoin mixer or blender, your coins are mixed with those of many other users, along with the mixer's own reserves. To complete your transaction, they transfer you the equivalent of your initial transaction in another person's Bitcoins.

There is a major problem with this strategy since all the transactions are logged on the Bitcoin blockchain and may be traced. Additionally, there is a possibility that if the Bitcoins you get are used for criminal purposes, they may theoretically be traced back to you.

Why are we unique from others?

Our service focuses on making sure that the blender may muddle the trail when someone attempts to locate the origin. We keep your identity as anonymous as possible is a top priority while looking for a mixer.

You want every Bitcoin transaction to be almost impossible to trace. In this case, using our Bitcoin mixing service is a no-brainer. Protecting your income and personal information becomes a piece of cake. You've chosen to use our service because you're concerned about the security of your money. With our Bitcoin tumbler, you won't have to worry about it.

Why choose ChipMixer?

You have complete control over mixing. It is more random than any predefined mixing procedure. Our outputs are fungible. We also ensure that every chip is the same. In addition to this, we allow you to use chips instantly. With private keys, you can also withdraw anytime.

What is ChipMixer?

Using ChipMixer, it is possible to combine Bitcoins in many ways. If you want to stay anonymous while making online purchases, this is the best option. Peer-to-peer payments and contributions may also be made using it. Using this service, you may create a new wallet for someone and send them some Bitcoins.

In this case, the focus is on making sure the blender can muddle the trail when someone attempts to figure out where it came from. The best mixer enables you to keep as much of your identity private as possible while using it. You want each Bitcoin transaction to be almost impossible to trace back to its originator. In this case, using our Bitcoin mixing service makes perfect sense.

Protecting your income and personal information becomes a piece of cake. You've chosen to use our service because you're concerned about the security of your money. So, that they may be able to do blockchain analysis and monitor your personal information. With our Bitcoin tumbler, you don't have to worry about it.

Why is ChipMixer the best anonymous Bitcoin mixer out there?

In the history of Bitcoin mixers, ChipMixer is the first of its kind. Our chip-based technique gives significantly greater privacy than just mixing your Bitcoins with other users. To put it simply, it works like this:

Tokens are returned to users who have deposited Bitcoin. ChipMixer has previously set up and pre-funded Bitcoin addresses to support each chip's preset value. You may buy chips with values of 0.0001 BTC, 0.0002 BTC, and so on, up to 4.096 BTC.

There are three chips worth 0.064, 0.032 and 0.04 BTC for each of the 0.1 BTC deposits. There is no link between your deposit and these chips on the blockchain since they were pre-funded before your transaction. Protecting your privacy begins here. After you've obtained your chips, there are a few actions you may do to increase your anonymity even more:

Tokens are returned to users who have deposited Bitcoin. ChipMixer has previously set up and pre-funded Bitcoin addresses to support each chip's preset value. You may buy chips with values of 0.0001 BTC, 0.0002 BTC, and so on, up to 4.096 BTC.

Chipmixer Bitcoin Mixer

1. Splitting Your Chips

Each of the two new chips has half the value of the original one. For example, a 0.032 BTC chip would be split into two 0.016 BTC chips. The lowest value, 0.001 BTC, may only be divided into smaller chips.

2. Merging Your Chips

If you separate two identical chips and combine them into one, you end up with a single chip with twice as many chips as before. It is possible to create one chip by combining two 0.032 BTC chips. Only chips of equal value may be combined in this manner.

3. Betting Your Chips

Betting adds a random aspect to the mixing process, enhancing the anonymity of your Bitcoins even more. It's up to you whether you want to bet on double or nothing. The chip's value is doubled if you win and zero if you lose.

4. Donating Your Chips

There are no fees or charges for our services. Therefore, contributions are always appreciated. There is no limit to the number of chips you may give, except for those that total more than 1 Bitcoin. You may contribute the lowest chip denomination you have (in this instance, 0.004 BTC) or divide it and donate as much as you like using the preceding example of an initial deposit.

5. Withdrawing Your Chips

So when you're ready to cash out, your chips are removed from your list, and you're granted a private key for each chip with an address that contains its value in Bitcoin.

Because the chips are pre-funded, they might have been produced days before your deposit was made, even if they are not visible on the blockchain until you withdraw your money. With this, you can further protect the confidentiality of your Bitcoin transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How does a deposit work?

When you use ChipMixer, you can create Bitcoins and fund them with different amounts. Every created chip can comprise different amounts of Bitcoins. It can 0.001 BTC, 0.002 BTC, 0.004 BTC, and 8.192 BTC. The process is simpler than you think. You get equal shares (or currency) in the form of chips when you deposit your bitcoins in the ChipMixer.

For instance, you will get the different chips of 0.064 + 0.016 + 0.016 if you deposit 0.0112 BTC. In this way, each chip is secured before and after the transaction. In every transaction, blockchain identities are protected and have no relation between the chips and the blockchain.

If you deposit 0.1234 BTC (123.4 mBTC) you will receive 123 mBTC chips. 0.4 mBTC will be autodonated.

Do we use Segwit right now?

Yes, we are using Segwit since it is used by more than 70% of the population, making non-Segwit inputs less prevalent.

Deposit addresses are now encoded in Segwit bech32 format

Even though the new chips are compatible with Segwit bech32, you can also get some older chips.

What is the minimum deposit limit?

The minimum deposit limit and smallest chip size have been set to 0.001 BTC. The second minimum deposit is 0.002 bitcoins (0.002 BTC). The first mBTC chip will be sent to you if your deposit is between 0.001 and 0.002 BTC, and the donation will be made automatically.

123 mBTC chips will be awarded to you if you deposit 0.1234 BTC (123.4 mBTC). A donation of 0.4 mBTC will be made automatically.

What can I do with a bigger chip?

You can place a bet on a chip and get twice as much as you staked or receive nothing. The probability of receiving a large chip is around 47%, and the process is reasonable.

You can also donate in the form of a chip to help pay for our service. If you only have large amounts of chips, you can split them before contributing.

Last but not least, you can now withdraw all your chips or a single chip. Their private keys will be revealed when you do this, which you can also add into your Bitcoin wallet.

What can we do with chips?

It is possible to split a big chip into smaller chips of different numbers. One 0.084 BTC chip,

for example, might be split into two 0.042 BTC chips. The same principle may combine two small chips of the identical size to get a larger one. For instance, two 0.032 BTC chips may be merged into two 0.084 BTC chips

What is the benefit of using the split/merge function?

You can get more privacy by splitting and merging chips according to your needs. For instance, in exchange for one 0.512 BTC chip and one 0.008 BTC, you can transfer 0.52 BTC in return for one 0.512 BTC chip. It is possible to establish that one of the 0.512 BTC chips that originated from this location belongs to you using blockchain analysis. Because you have the option of using split/merge, no one knows if you have withdrawn large or small amounts of chips. It is not required to use this feature, but it is available to enhance your privacy.

Why should I make use of the donation function?

Donate gives you the ability to alter the possible output values. It makes a significant contribution to increasing your blockchain privacy. Even if a blockchain analyst assumes you will receive a random assortment of chips, this is not always the case. They have no way of knowing how much money you have donated. You are not required to use it, just as you are not required to use split/merge. The fact that this option is available increases your level of privacy.

What kind of fee do you charge? How much does it set you back?

We canpay as much as you It indicates there is no defined limit for our service. You determine how much value our service is to you

You may divide chips into the size you desire to contribute.

Chip questions

Why are chips values not equal or balanced?

You might be wondering why we always say 1.024 BTC instead of the whole 1 BTC. We wanted to be able to have many chip sizes and quickly separate and combine them. If you start with one bitcoin and then divide it, your minimum chip will be something like 0.015625 bitcoin, which looks much more bizarre than it already is.

How can I get rid of weird chip values?

You believe that since 1.024 BTC is so unusual, everyone will be aware that you have used this mixer at some point in the past. After a time, it will become more frequent since you will no longer need to utilize a mixer to anonymize your coins, making it easier to use. Divide them into tokens, and they will seem precisely like chips.

Is it possible to round off my chip value?

If you seek 1 BTC, you have been lucky. Because we have developed the commonize function, which will convert your bizarrely shaped 1.024 BTC chip into a 1 BTC chip and your oddly shaped 0.512 BTC chip into a 0.5 BTC chip. However, using this option will cost a charge of around 2% for the strange section of the chip.

Do we know the private key that can be used to withdraw?

Sadly, yes! Technically speaking, we designed and did coding for the coin mixer. We have a policy that allows one of two persons to shift funds. When you remove a chip, the mixer sends you a private key copy.

You may sweep it yourself, ask us to mail it to your address or keep it on the chip. Our only choice to keep your funds safe is our deception. But it also increases privacy.

If you sweep money from the chip within 12 hours after the deposit, you enjoy the same privacy as a regular mixer. You trust us (as you already did when you put bitcoins into our mixer) and spend chips when you need them.

Why am I not able to withdraw small-valued chips?

It is only possible if current mining costs are almost as high as the smallest chip size, which is currently the case. Instead of giving you a tiny chip, we give you a voucher for your requested amount. You may use an old voucher to combine two small chips into one big chip and withdraw the new chip.

Privacy questions

Why is it necessary to withdraw to a private key?

After you've got your private key, you may spend your funds immediately without waiting for our transaction to complete. But that's not all there is to it. Since your withdrawal is not accessible on the blockchain, it seems that your chip was relocated a few days before your deposit.

Last but not least, our system provides you with the choice of when to shift those coins to the next position. If you need to complete your transaction quickly, you can quickly opt for a greater fee to ensure that it is included in the first block. Everything is hassle-free!

Do we keep transaction logs, and for how long?

According to our company's policy, your session information is retained for seven days. After that, your session will be terminated, and all its data will be deleted.

You can terminate your session before the time limit expires. In our records, we retain statistical data, such as how much money we got from our consumers.

Should I be concerned about my fungibility at all?

Let's hear the expert:

First, you must grasp the concept of fungibility before the advent of bitcoin and eCash. It's a legal term for paper money. It's the belief that a $10 bill is the same as any other $10 bill. The police have no authority to take a ten-dollar bill out of your pocket if it was engaged in a theft ten transactions ago.

It's not your fault it was previously convicted. Banknotes include serial identifiers; thus, a stolen note might be traced back to you. In the 17th century, a wealthy merchant sent two high-value banknotes to a colleague through the post, but they never arrived.

He was afraid they'd be stolen before he shipped them. He noted the serial numbers and wrote them down. When they didn't come, he filed a complaint with the bank, and eventually, the notes arrived. He demanded that the bank refund his notes.

The banks won in court. They reasoned that returning stolen notes to their owners would damage currency confidence, harm business, and render currency unusable because every time you received a paper bill, you would have to check the newspaper to see if it was reported stolen, risk having it taken, or rush to the bank to deposit it, making it the bank's problem.

After that, there's the tracing issue. Some individuals were interested in tracking coins since several high-profile coin thefts from exchanges and other firms caused problems for those businesses and forced them out of business.

Some individuals want to separate themselves from coins that were used illegally. Money is fungible by law, but people began to worry since you can detect where a coin has been spent previously. Coin validation is offered to provide a service to companies to track coins and rate their history.

This reminds me of the 17th-century court case where you may obtain an utterly good coin, but a few weeks later, a crime is discovered, and your coin is polluted. The merchant will refuse to accept your currency if the coin validation service advises them to do so. You're holding a coin that you may have to sell at a bargain to get rid of. This might cause a run on the bitcoin price. So, it reopens the long-established legal premise that all money is equal.

Other Questions

What happens if I send a less than the lowest chip?

Because we don't have any chips with a value lower than 0.001 BTC, your deposit will be treated as a charitable contribution. Consider that for every one bitcoin you send, one bitcoin chip worth 0.001 bitcoin is returned to you. If sending 0.0030 BTC twice will result in two 0.002 BTC chips.

How long will it take me to complete this transaction?

You have seven days to deposit, mix, and withdraw private keys from your account. If your input transaction is stuck in the memory pool for more than seven days, you can request an extension for another seven days.

What are vouchers? And how do they work?

Every mixer accepts a considerable input and returns a series of smaller ones. This is only helpful for privacy since it is more challenging to connect inputs and outputs, but it hurts costs. If using ChipMixer, you'll be able to deposit previously unspent chips in exchange for a coupon code, which saves you a great deal.

In this way, you receive the same amount of funds back if you consume, and you may do it more than once. This enables you to make a large 4.096 BTC withdrawal from several unrelated deposits.

What are signed receipts?

Bitcoin's value should not be tied to the blockchain's past. This value is being contested by governments and companies that believe they are linked to anything unethical, like gambling. We provide you with a cryptographically signed receipt for each withdrawal you make from ChipMixer as proof that you have got the monies you requested. Nothing can lose worth now that the separation of history has been established.