Basic theory of Bitcoin mixing, part 3

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This part is about using ChipMixer to mix your coins.


ChipMixer does not have user account. Instead when you start mixing you will receive session token which is a password that allows you to return to your session. Write it down, copy it or add it as bookmark. If your browser is closed or crashes token will be lost.

Session is active for 7 days. This is enough to do deposit transaction, wait for confirmation, pick chip sizes, withdraw chips and save their private keys. If it is not enough for you because of stuck transaction then you can extend your session for another 7 days. After non-extended timer passes your session will be removed and cannot be recovered.


After you write down session token you go to step 1. You receive one deposit address per session. Minimum deposit value is 1 mBTC (0.001 Bitcoin) and higher deposit values are rounded down to 1 mBTC. This means that if you deposit 12.5 mBTC you will receive only 12 mBTC of chips. Values lower than 1 mBTC are auto donated.

You can do multiple deposits to your deposit address.

There is no deposit fee. You only pay cost of deposit transaction. You can donate any amount at next step.


Your deposit is exchanged for chips. They are private keys that were prefunded with specific amounts. It is like exchanging bank transfer of 12.5 money for two banknotes (10 and 2 money) except in this case it would be 12.5 mBTC exchanged for 8 mBTC and 4 mBTC chips.

You can pick sizes here. It is best to split them to size of your usual transaction.


After you withdraw your chip - your private keys are revealed. You can use them with your Bitcoin wallet to pay already but it is better to wait some time after your deposit transaction has been confirmed.

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